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Advice you can trust

Argyll & Bute Citizens Advice Bureau, ABCAB, provides advice, information and practical assistance on a range of topics. Our service is a one-stop shop where people can access information and advice on any one subject or several subjects. All advice is: Free, Confidential, Impartial and Independent.

Advice is provided at our offices in Lochgilphead and Helensburgh, at our outreach locations or by telephone or email

What can ABCAB advise me on?

The main areas of advice offered by Argyll & Bute Citizens Advice Bureau include (but are not restricted to):

  • Your Money – Debt, Employment, Benefits, Tax
  • Your Family – Family, Health, Housing, Education
  • Your Daily Life – Communications, Consumer Affairs, Travel
  • Your Rights – Civil Rights, Immigration, Legal Rights and Responsibilites

What kind of help can we offer?

We can help you in lots of different ways, depending on the nature of your enquiry. Some of things we can do include:

  • Respond to requests for advice by email
  • Interview clients face-to-face and by phone to find out what the problem(s) are
  • Access out regularly updated electronic information database for up to the minute information
  • Help clients to negotiate with companies or service providers such as creditors or to appeal against decisions
  • Write letters or phone companies and service providers on behalf of clients
  • Help clients to prioritise their problems, for example, to sort out which debts are most important and should be paid first
  • Help clients with form filling, for example, to claim for welfare benefits
  • Refer clients to ABCAB specialist caseworkers for complex problems or to the other agencies when appropriate.